Samba4 Provisioning Segmentation Fault version.c

David Holder david.holder at
Thu Apr 3 16:15:17 GMT 2008

Hi! I have been getting SEGV when trying to provision samba4 test and 
samba4 stable.

I finally worked out that the use of two version.h header files seems to 
be the cause. One in source and the other in source/include. Both 
contain #defines for SAMBA_VERSION_STRING one defines it as a string the 
other as the function samba_version_string().

The function samba_version_string() is defined in version.c using 
SAMBA_VERSION_STRING. On my system, version.c uses the 
SAMBA_VERSION_STRING define from include/version as its return value. 
This is defined as samba_version_string(). I.e. it defines it's return 
value by calling itself.

I fixed the problem using the following:

diff --git a/source/lib/version.c b/source/lib/version.c
index e81f463..7a250d8 100644
--- a/source/lib/version.c
+++ b/source/lib/version.c
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@

 #include "includes.h"
-#include "version.h"
+#include "../version.h"

 const char *samba_version_string(void)

I assume no one else has this problem. Any ideas why I do? I am building 
this on a standard install of Fedora Core 8.

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