[SAMBA] Change special character of filename

Paul Weaver paul.weaver at bbc.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 22:52:52 GMT 2008

I've been half-heartadly looking for something similar for the last year
or so, I wanted to prevent any files that didn't match a specific
regular expression from being written -- e.g. "allow-file-write:
.*\.jpg" to only allow jpegs. 

I didn't find anything.

It's possible if you write a VFS, however I'm not sure if anyone's
released a generic one. Recently I wrote a simple VFS module which only
permits files matching a given pattern (".jpg$") to be written to a
share, but I haven't tidyed it enough to release -- it was more of a
"learning vfs" module.

A problem you may run into if you manage to do it, if you transparently
rename the file on create, clients may assume the write works, and
assume the file they just created is still there on the old name. That
might be a problem, it might not, it depends on how your application
handles it. If you disallow a write operation, the client should handle

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> Hello,
> I would like to remove on the fly special characters, when a 
> user create 
> a file "toto#1.jpg" i would like
> samba change the name to "toto1.jpg" or refuse the "#" character.
> is it possible ?
> thks,
> Alain

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