DFS Question

Stan Dolson sdolson at asempra.com
Wed Apr 2 16:53:17 GMT 2008

I have a question about DFS and Samba.

I'm responsible for a Samba VFS and smb.conf management
in our product.  Part of the product updates smb.conf and
manages a DFS setup.  We're using 3.0.25c.

We've noticed that if you connect to a Samba share through
the DFS from a Windows desktop that the connection to the
share is periodically dropped and reestablished on client

I've been assuming this was something done by the client
but I cannot find anything about this anywhere in Microsoft
documentation.  Perhaps I'm not doing the right Google
search ;-)

Can anyone point me at any information on this?


Stan Dolson
Asempra Technologies
sdolson at asempra.com 

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