Keytab support in cifs.spnego helper

Igor Mammedov niallain at
Wed Apr 2 14:04:22 GMT 2008

0001-Fix-cifs-upcall-key-name-for-DNS-resolving.patch - corrects key name for cifs dns upcall

0002-Adds-support-for-using-krb5.keytab-for-non-interacti.patch - adds support for non interactive mount using keytab

Some notes:
It uses default keytab (as it defined in kerberos libs or in krb5.conf).
Mount options should look like this:

option: 'password' is just for mount.cifs to be happy and not ask for password.

Entry to keytab added with ktutil command:

'addent -password -p my_krb5_username -k 1 -e rc4-hmac'

 In my case only 'rc4-hmac' encryption worked (a krb5 libs' issue I think).
 You could check with 'kinit -k' if added entry works.


Best regards,

Igor Mammedov,
niallain "at"

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