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The raw password is needed in order to generate the hashes used for Windows
authentication.  If kerberos is supported then there may be an option, but
for NTLM or NTLMv2 authentication you'll need the NTLM hash.  If that's not
already in eDirectory, then you'll need to generate it and it can only be
generated from the original password.

That's the nature of security systems.  You shouldn't be able to get the raw
password out of the system.  It should only ever go in (and be destroyed
after it is used).

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Peter Njiiri wrote:
> Dear All, I wish to enable multiple users (oover 1000 users) as Samba
> users on Novell eDirectory without getting their passwords changed,
> that is without supplying the -p option in -u win1 -x
> ou=users,ou=doc,o=company -p pass1 . Is there another tool that does
> this.
> Kind Regards
> Peter

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