[PATCH] Samba 4 fix for bugzilla #4958

Andrew Kroeger andrew at sprocks.gotdns.com
Mon Sep 17 23:53:29 GMT 2007

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I really don't like the idea that the DN and attribute being different.
> Otherwise, I fully agree with you here, and once simo is happy, I think
> we can apply a patch.
> Perhaps handle this as delete/add (rather than the other order), or pass
> in a flag to skip the check?

Please find attached an updated patch that addresses the
case-change-only rename using delete/add.  I have added comments in the
patch to describe why we do add/delete in some cases and delete/add in
another, as well as how we could lose data in the delete/add case if the
delete succeeds and the add fails.  Given what we are trying to
accomplish, I can't think of any other way to handle this because we
don't have any transaction semantics available.

Andrew Kroeger

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