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Fri Sep 14 19:11:52 GMT 2007



I'm a member of the Yahoo! Inc Talent Acquisition team and have been
able to make contact with you through Internet research techniques.  I'm
contacting you to inform you of variety of exciting career opportunities
within Yahoo! which I thought may be of interest to you. 


As a result of continued growth and the creation of new business models
at Yahoo!, we're looking for UE Designers with both visual and
interaction design skills to work across Yahoo! on short-term design
projects in various business units.  Our Designers create various
artifacts to support the design process, including, personas,
storyboards, and/or design representations of appropriate fidelity, then
iterate the interfaces and document the designs with interaction and/or
visual specifications as required by the various projects.  This role
offers the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders and
highly talented colleagues to design and assess proposed solutions, all
in the interest of creating the best user experience for hundreds of
millions of Yahoo! users.  


To perform these roles, we seek a BS/MS in Graphic Design, Interaction
Design, HCI or a related field, with a minimum of 3 years of experience
as a key member of a User Experience team.  This experience should
include significant involvement in the complete product development life
cycle of several successfully launched web and/or software applications.
We'd also like to see familiarity with field and lab-based usability
research methodologies, the ability to create prototypes at a variety of
levels, and a solid understanding of web application and website design
with working knowledge of HTML.


We have a range of opportunities available for designers in both
Northern and Southern California.  At Yahoo! we offer tremendous overall
breadth, which translates to more opportunity to impact a wider
diversity of areas from mail to music to social media to search.  At
Yahoo!, we develop products very quickly and release them to large
audiences so that services ARE NOT in a perpetual state of beta.  


Since you've been involved with similar activities during your career, I
thought there was a reasonable chance that you may be interested in
exploring these opportunities with us. If so, we'd be interested in
learning more about your background and interests relative to these
positions, and provide you with additional information about the
organization and our company. 


Thank you for considering this inquiry. I'll look forward to your




Gary Jong

Talent Scout





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