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Eddy PELAIC eddy.pelaic at univ-paris5.fr
Wed Sep 12 06:49:45 GMT 2007

Andrew Bartlett a écrit :
> On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 16:28 +0200, Eddy PELAIC wrote:
>> Hello,
>> excuse me for my english ;-)
>> I had a problem with smb.conf subtitution variables because I use 
>> subfolder's in the home share of the user (easier to find home when you 
>> have 5000 user in the same home share).
>> ex: for user 'toto' in share HOME, the path will be   // HOME / t / o / toto
>> but samba don't have regexp
> But you don't need to set anything in smb.conf for this - [homes]
> defaults to whatever the home directory is, whereever it it, as long as
> it is listed in /etc/passwd (or equivalent) correctly.
> Andrew Bartlett
It's not to set the home share, but I don't use the [HOMES] default
share but spécific share by user catégorie [ADMIN], [STUDENTS], [TEACHERS])
samba use the sambaHomePath attribute in ldap, it's to use for scripting
because we can have the share and the user's  folder or all the string
but not the 2 folder's beteew the root path of the share and the user's

I had some symbolics links to use the Mac Os X Default structure of the
home directory with no redundant
Windows directory for the same things

structure of home


__________________________/Documents -> ../Documents
______________________________/Pictures -> ../Pictures
______________________________/Movies -> ../Movies
______________________________/Music -> ../Music
______________________________/here the win xp profile sync with the client.

On windows I had some reg key to set the Desktop to
\\share\t\o\toto\Desktop and the My Documents too (I don't use the local
profile for user's files).

the problem was that I want to set the user recycler in it's home .Trash
folder and not out of it.
And I had only %U without the 2 folder's

here %x = do that

but I have some other problem with the recycler when keeptree = Yes, in
the trash folder I have t/o/toto/Desktop/file.txt

if I delete file.txt in the Desktop folder.

So I must cut the t/o/toto/Desktop  folder to have only the file in the
trash because I need keeptree = Yes



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