[SAMBA4] Making system ldb usable by Samba 4

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Mon Sep 10 23:35:57 GMT 2007

Hi Simo,

Continuing our quest to eliminate the differences between standalone and
samba4-included ldb...

At the moment, there are three things left that prevent Samba 4 from
using a system LDB:

 * MODULESDIR is hard-coded in ldb
 * LDIF handlers that are being registered by samba/ldif_handlers.c
 * some Samba-specific popt options are used

The first is easy to fix - we could use a global variable that defaults
to MODULESDIR but can also be set by Samba. Perhaps we can even move
that into the ldb_context at some point.

The other two are harder. We could just allow modules to register extra
LDIF handlers and extra command-line options, but that would mean we
would have to abandon the "lazy module loading" approach we take now
(never load a module unless it's requested) because there is no way to
know what DSO's are going to register schema's.  

We would also not want libldb to link against libpopt, so registering
the extra options should only be done when inside the command-line

These are the solutions I can think of:

 * Always load all modules (simplest)
 * Have separate directories under MODULESDIR/ for each type of module,
e.g.: module/ (for current modules), schema/, popt/ where only all
schema/ modules have to be loaded/ and popt/ modules are loaded only by
the command line clients.

What do you think?


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