smb.conf option "force unknown acl user"

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more wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed that, if the windows user sets a domain group SID as the
> file owner SID, samba will report error if "force unknown acl
> user=no". From the source (samba 3.0.25c), it dues to that samba fails
> to map the domain group SID as a valid UID.
> I think the current solution is that to use "force unknown acl
> user=yes". But I think it is not the best solution for this case, why
> not let samba set the owner group instead of reporting error if he
> detects the owner user is a domain group?

This is by design.  There is an owner SID and a group SID.
Suppose both of these are groups?  What should smbd do then?
It just a fundemental difference between Windows and Unix.

cheers, jerry
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