Thoughts on lp_* in Samba4

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Thu Sep 6 12:36:52 GMT 2007

Hi Tim,

As discussed on IRC yesterday, here are some comments on the reliance on
lp_*() that make it harder to use the python bindings.

The python bindings aren't the only place where the fact that our client
libraries depend on smb.conf is problematic. It is also makes things
harder for OpenChange and Samba-GTK, for example.

Eventually, I would like to see us not rely on smb.conf for the client
libraries at all. I've already started removing lp_*() calls from
several of them. The following client libraries still use lp_*:

* lib/tls:
Just paths to keys required for the server side, maybe split into a
server-side and a client-side part?

* lib/socket:
Uses lp_resolve_nameorder()

* lib/cmdline:
Does all the current loading of smb.conf, paths, etc.

* lib/db_wrap:
Uses default paths to find databases.

* libcli/*: 
Uses lp_* for NetBIOS name, some protocol defaults (xmit, etc) and auth.

* auth/*:
the hardest one, uses a lot of lp_*() calls for allowing/disallowing
different authentication mechanisms

* libnet/:
Uses some parametric options for tweaking its behaviour.


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