IP address and SMB server info available through libsmbclient

Marcos Diez marcos at unitron.com.br
Wed Sep 5 02:05:16 GMT 2007


Currently one can not obtain the IP address or any other SMB server info 
using only libsmbclient.

I do believe such information is very interesting for debugging 
purposes. It is kind of wired that one can connect to 
smb:// using libsmbclient, but one can not obtain the IP 
address of a server connected using the name.

I willing to implement such a feature, as long as somebody promess it 
will be accepted in the main trunk of samba.

The server_type , server_os , server_domain and port  (all of them are 
in struct cli_state, from client.h would also be interesting data 
available to other applications.

The implementation is actually trivial.

One simple function has to be added to libsmbclient.c
Such function will receive an 	SMBCFILE ( actually struct _SMBCFILE, 
from libsmb_internal.h ), read the data from "struct cli_state" which is 
inside it and return it back to the caller.

Who agrees with me ?

Thank you very much
Marcos Diez

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