phpldapadmin for Samba4 SWAT?

Matt Schwartz mes5048 at
Tue Sep 4 11:27:54 GMT 2007

Yes, there are AD templates in phpldapadmin.  Personally, I think it is a great tool.  We use it at work because we have both AD and OpenLDAP in our environment.  We use OpenLDAP for our UNIX users and AD for Windows.  We can use a single unified tool for administering both.

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>Date: 2007/09/04 Tue AM 01:45:16 CDT
>To: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at>
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>Subject: Re: phpldapadmin for Samba4 SWAT?

>Hi Andrew!
>Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
>> I expect to release Samba4 alpha1 as-is, unless I get some violent
>> objections.  But I want to look forward to a resolution on the SWAT and
>> management question. 
>> I had a chat with tridge today, and we had a play with phpldapadmin,
>> against Win2k3, and it works very well.  
>> As such, I wonder if, rather than continue with our own LDB browser in
>> SWAT, if we should instead either generate a apache config snippit to
>> host phpldapadmin, or host phpldapadmin (via PHP as a CGI binary) in
>> SWAT?
>> Are there any other (good) LDAP web-based LDAP browsers we should
>> consider?  At this stage, the less work we have to duplicate the
>> better...
>> Andrew Bartlett
>The phpldapadmin seems to be the only (good) tool for managing LDAP 
>compliant directories. But if I remember correctly, are there for 
>example the templates for object creation right for AD? Maybe we have to 
>do some work of customization before we can bundle it with SAMBA 4. But 
>in general it wouldn't be bad.

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