Disabling directory listing

John DiSpirito dispirito at LifetimeTV.com
Wed Oct 31 15:19:08 GMT 2007

I was wondering if it were possible to configure a file share within
samba which

will allow a user read access to any file they want on the share,
providing they know the

exact location to the file.


I'm working on an application which will be accessing files shared
across a  read only samba mount, and

this data needs to be protected in the event that the machine would get
hacked.  The data is not super sensitive

like social security numbers, or bank codes, but is still sensitive.


The application will know exactly where the files live because of a call
to a database containing this information, so

ideally, if we could somehow disable directory listings from within the
smb.conf file,  we should be good.



I've done an implementation similar to this with an FTP application,
however, it required me to modify file system permissions.

Because of other applications using this shared data, I can't change
permissions on the physical mount point.

I can create a separate samba share pointing to the same mount point,
and assign any samba related permissions there.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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