ntdsutil coding and API

William Baker bbaker at priefert.com
Mon Oct 29 18:34:54 GMT 2007

I've been digging around the docs and code preparing to put something 
functional in my
version of ntdsutil.  I've come to the conclusion that the API to use is 
The first function of interesting is DsBind.

It appears that ntdsutil could be written with dcerpc_drsuapi_DsBind and 
functions, but wouldn't it be cleaner to use a higher level library 
win32 functions such as DsBind?  Any chance that the utility could be 
compatible at
a code level with windows code?  Assuming that code sharing between 
is desirable, wouldn't this be the way to go?  It would seem the "higher 
level library"
might even already exist in Wine.

I assume that I am not the first person to reach that conclusion, and 
that those who
have gone before me are smarter than I am and have valuable input for me.


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