Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Oct 29 01:48:37 GMT 2007

tridge wrote :

> Now this patch from Volker builds on that, extending that existing
> incompatible format for dos attributes, by allowing xattrs to be
> stored in a tdb as well. That's a natural continuation of the xattrs
> dos attribute format in samba3.
> So the option for it to be compatibile was lost a long time ago. It's
> damn annoying, but thats how it is.

I don't think it's quite as bad as that. The S3 format is
string based, so easily detected by the terminating null.
The S4 format contains a bunch of extra stuff that S3
doesn't support or maintain (birth times in NTTIME
format etc) so we could cope with both - but I'm expecting
the POSIX vendors to add birthtime (as *BSD has) with
ns timestamps so we can just use the filesystem for

As I recall, both patches were originally done by you, the
early S3 one being you did really easy to integrate
with existing code (not blaming you here, it's just funny :-).

Wish we'd have used a slightly different name though,
but there you go :-).

All Volker's change is doing I think is storing the
S3-specific one in a tdb, we have to map between the
two anyway so it doesn't make things any worse than
they already are.


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