tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Sun Oct 28 21:57:50 GMT 2007


 >   whereas Samba4 uses this:
 > 	SBVAL(key->dptr, 0, st.st_dev);
 > 	SBVAL(key->dptr, 8, st.st_ino);

A correction to this. Samba4 does use that as the start of the key,
but it adds the string "user.DosEAs" on the end.

The reason for this is it needs separate keys for the streams and the
dos attributes (timestamps, alloc_size, attrib etc). So we can store
all of them in a single tdb.

This approach also allows the same code to be used to store all this
info either in a tdb or in filesystem xattrs. So if your filesystem
has fast xattrs (as ext3 now does), then it makes sense to store all
these attributes in there. If your filesystem doesn't have xattrs or
they are too slow, or they aren't capable of storing large enough
blobs then you can instead store all the same info in a tdb.

That's why its called xattr.idl, not doseas.idl :-)

Cheers, Tridge

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