plan for a feature: fsync for assuring file size

SER.RI-TIC - David Losada david.losada at
Fri Oct 26 12:30:11 GMT 2007

Yes, I am aware that Samba over NFS is not the best idea.. but it's the
choice I'm forced to use to access our storage pool. Maybe in the future
will be able to do otherwise..

To tailor this Samba over NFS thing to work for us here, I have these
two issues in my list: correct the behavior with quotas and provide
decent locking.

Becoming aware of quota errors before close(), will try to adress it
with a VFS module.. maybe the produced patches will not be just a
workaround for this specific problem, but could be useful for others.

About locking, if I understood correctly.. Samba internally manages
locks for its clients. So, given a set of files, as long as they are
accessed _just_ by the samba server's processes, the locking with this
set of files should be OK.

If this is wrong please let me know!

kind regards,

En/na simo ha escrit:
> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 08:50 -0700, James Peach wrote:
>>> Once I have written the module.. how I should submit it so the Samba
>>> team considers its inclusion? I don't think we are the only
>>> "Samba-over-NFS" guys in the world...
>> Post a patch to the mailing list.
> I would like to notice that we usually discourage re-sharing NFS shared
> mount points via Samba. NFS historically has problems with locks too.
> With this I am not implying we will not consider a patch.
> Simo.

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