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Michael Adam ma at
Mon Oct 22 21:13:24 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> >> - -1.  We had this discussion before as well.  Mainly I don't
> >> like the "this one *or* that one".  Pick one.  We previously
> >> decided on if ((x=malloc) == NULL) format.
> > This seems inconsistent. If you favor "if (ptr)" over "if (ptr !=
> > NULL)", it should also be "if (!(x=malloc(...)))".
> True.  But that was the original discussion.  I can be convinced
> but I don't think having two ways to check for NULL pointer
> assignment is a good idea.  So you guys decide which one we go with.
> The argument for "if ((x=malloc) == NULL" was that it was clearer
> about what you intended to check.  And "if (!x)" is already clear
> enough.

Hmm, sorry, I am confused: what was the original choice?
"if (ptr)" or "if (ptr != NULL)" ?

I personally would vote for the more explicit "if (ptr != NULL)"
over the more idiomatic "if (ptr)". (Generally, not only for the
malloc case.)


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