[PATCH] 1/3: (revamped) Introduce new path variables to prepare for better FHS respect

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sun Oct 21 06:34:27 GMT 2007

We reworked these two patches after the discussed that followed the
first submission.

There are now three patches:

- Patch 1 adds the new variables
- Patch 2 makes uses of them for files belonging to the "state" path
  and the "code pages" path
  This patch seemed more easily acceptable, which explains why we
  separated it from patch 3
- Patch 3 reassigns files to the "cache" path. Indeed all "debatable"
  changes have been moved to that one

Again, *none* of these patches do actually change the location for
files in default installs. They just allow doing so for those who want
to do so (in that case, the Debian...and Ubuntu...maintainers).

Reminder: general rationale for the patches (sent with the first version)

This patch prepares the 3.2.0pre1 sources to better respect FHS.
This introduces new configurable paths so that fhs-filespaths.patch
can associate files to them.

The point is adding:

- a path for non discardable state data: basically all TDB files
  that may need to be backed up
- a path for shared data: mostly codepage stuff
- a path for cache data to host files such as
  browse.dat, printers.tbd, <printer>.tdb

All these are currently mixed in "libdir" (${prefix}/lib/samba by

The patch keeps these new paths to point to ${prefix}/lib/samba by
default and does therefore not change the software behaviour.

This patch is indeed a split of a "fhs.patch" we use for years in
Debian to place data in directories that fit the Debian policy (indeed
the FHS).

Used alone, it just adds unused variables...so it can safely be used
in sources without any behaviour change and no impact on Samba
developers work.

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