signed-off PATCH: Re: op-lock weirdness with winXP and ntvfs_cifs

Amin Azez azez at
Fri Oct 19 13:59:44 GMT 2007

I forgot the "signed-off-by".

In the vfs_cifs backend, opened files are not added to the DLIST at
cvfs_private->files, so the list of open files was always empty.
This prevents oplock-break propagation among other things.

Loose ends:

I guess there are implications for the test suite too, as far as oplock
tests, and tracking of open files? And closing non-existent files, I
guess file-close has been failing too (not finding the f).

Also, does cvfs_exit need to update this file list with closures?

We may want to review the DLIST_REMOVE use in cvfs_close in this patch,
I'm not sure if I should do it in the async callback instead of before.
I also don't know who should be free-ing the f and it's h, I suspect
they should be free'd here.

I haven't yet tracked down the ntvfs_handle creator for vfs_cifs, but a
cursory look suggests that the h is owned by the f, so free-ing the f
may be all that is required?

Signed-off-by: azez at

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