[openchange][devel] Ubuntu Hardy Heron, Samba3, Samba4 and OpenChange

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Wed Oct 17 21:20:17 GMT 2007

Hi Dan,

Am Donnerstag, den 18.10.2007, 06:23 +0930 schrieb Dan Shearer: 
> Samba:

> Samba4 packaging - OpenChange needs Samba4 libraries. If Samba4
>      becomes packaged for testing purposes during the life of Hardy
>      there will be clashes unless these issues have been thought
>      through.  There's also the possibility of ldb being a separate
>      package and the implications for OpenChange (some of which
>      hopefully will ship with Hardy) and Samba4 (which presumably has no
>      chance of shipping with Hardy.)
tdb, talloc and ldb are already packaged and part of Debian sid - they will be imported into Hardy when it opens. I've worked on Samba 4 Debian packages together with Steinar Gunderson (Sesse) for one of the TPs. Package data is in the official Samba Debian repository and should be up to date for alpha1, but we haven't gotten round to actually uploading one of those packages yet.

A Debian package for OpenChange is also available from the Samba Debian

Enjoy the conference :-)


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