[PATCH] 2/2: Associate file locations to newly introduced path variables

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Oct 17 18:09:24 GMT 2007

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Christian Perrier wrote:

> If you actually apply both patches, let's be honest: 
> there will be indeed *no change* for Samba users, when they
> use the upstream source.
> Again, these two patches are not meant to modify Samba's 
> behaviour wrt files locations: they are meant to *allow*
> this to happen, if users want to.

I don't see this as a benefit to users.  Only Debian.  In fact,
by allowing this, I believe that it will cause more confusion
than it will help.

I'll ask you a question: If not for the FHS, would you have
made this patch?

> So, the benefit lies in this: it gives Samba users more
> configurability for the file locations, whatever their religious
> beliefs are about where files should lie...:-)

I don't think that is a good thing.  The fact that Ubuntu
puts secrets.tdb in /var/lib/samba/ is bad enough.

> If we define ourselves (Debian *and* Ubuntu maintainers) 
> as "users", this gives us the great benefit of a much much
> easier build of new versions, by reducing the size of our
> diff file by about one order of magnitude.
> If we define *other* distros as users, they would benefit 
> of this too...if we assume that all of them should indeed
> try to implement the FHS as precisely as possible.

Other than /var/run/, I believe you are misapplying the

Give me a patch that moves codepages data files to data_directory()
and one that moves the CLEAF_IF_FIRST to /var/run/ and I'll agree
to that.  Then we can debate the finer points of /var/cache.  I
don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater here.  So let's
deal with what we can agree on first.

cheers, jerry
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