Is there a way to force debug for "wbinfo" utility?

Dmitry Butskoy buc at
Tue Oct 16 13:34:57 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> According to its source code (3.0.26a), it seems 
>> that unlike "smbclient", "wbinfo" has no "-dLEVEL"
>> option...
> Correct.  In the majority of cases you should be debugging
> winbindd instead of wbinfo.

Unfortunately it does not help me much, even with log level 10 ...

I have a case, when an uid has no correspond user name. It is vefy 
often, f.e. when a user was deleted, but his files are left in the 
filesystem. "ls -l" shows just numbers in the "uid" or "gid" fields for 
such files. "getent passwd <uidnumber>" shows nothing.

When I use winbind nss with "idmap backend = rid" and such an uid is in 
the range, then "getent passwd <uidnumber>" shows something strange, but 
must show nothing.

How to reproduce:
Samba is 3.0.26a,
idmap backend = rid
range, say 1000-100000

Try any "unexistent" user, f.e. 1000 :

# getent passwd 1000

i.e. instead of empty output, we have something with "empty" username!

And "ls -l" fields for such uidnumbers are then empty (not numerical, as 
should be).


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