Fixes for SAMBA_3_0_MAINT

Thomas Bork tombork at
Sat Oct 13 22:55:40 GMT 2007

Hi @all,

it is very difficult for me to follow the development in your git repos :(

How can I sure all important fixes are checked in to SAMBA_3_0_MAINT?

In the last month there were some important fixes not checked in to 
SAMBA_3_0_MAINT and it was easy for me with tortoise svn on top of 
windows to follow this and write a note to the team member.

Now I don't know which repos are merged to the stable version 
(SAMBA_3_0_MAINT) and which from all the commited changes will go into it.

What is about;a=commitdiff;h=e68671b59500d7e1b645c80ee264c49893f8df84

Will this be part of SAMBA_3_0_MAINT?

If I will try some of the fixes I have to pick them up from different 
repos and manually put them in my local SAMBA_3_0_MAINT svn repo :(

der tom

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