rid backend seems to be initialized twice?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Sat Oct 13 16:06:56 GMT 2007

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>> This is one major reason why I would like to see us move away from
>> all the file reorganization that people like to do so often.
> This seem a deficiency in git.  I agree unnecessary file 
> re-organization is not healthy, but the SCM tool should not
> constrain us.

This is entirely a social thing.  Git puts no restraints on you
in this regards.  It has more to do with introducing unnecessary
change.  And when working with large groups of people,  we should
be more cognoscente of how unnecessary changes affects other
peoples work.

But if you are patching file A in one branch and file B in another,
it really is a new patch and should not be considered the same.
Every change that requires human interaction requires testing.
Only if you are making the exact same change to a file in two
identical branches is the change really the same and should have
the same hash because in that case the entire tree is the same.

Even if you make the same change to file A which is identical
in two branches but the branches themselves differ, it may still
have additional side affects due to tightly coupled code and
is *not* the same change.  Therefore I believe that git's response
of assigning a new hash is the right thing to do, both mathematically
and socially.

cheers, jerry
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