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> On 10/8/07, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
>>> 1. Last night, I did a trial commit and push (which
>>> indicated they worked) in samba-blender, but never received
>>> a message on samba-cvs. Should there have been one?
>> No.  Sorry.  The confusion is probably my fault due to addressing
>> some of the previous comments brought up about work flow.
>> The post-receive hook is on the samba-draft repo.  The samba-blender
>> is now obsolete.  But I left it there so people could experiment.
> Which, I guess begs the question...  samba-blender is obsolete and
> samba-draft was a draft to play with.  What is or will be the official
> tree?

These are just draft repos for review.  Once I do the final
migration, svn commit access (with the possible exception
of SAMBA_4_0) will be locked down and I'll send out the new URI
of the official repo.  So consider everything as throw away until
you see the "Git Repo Live" msg to this list.

PS: I just sent out some mail regarding a second git draft
repo at git://

cheers, jerry
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