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Moving discussion on the samba-technical list...

Derrell Lipman wrote:
> Hi.  I have a couple of questions.
> 1. Last night, I did a trial commit and push (which 
> indicated they worked) in samba-blender, but never received
> a message on samba-cvs. Should there have been one?

No.  Sorry.  The confusion is probably my fault due to addressing
some of the previous comments brought up about work flow.

The post-receive hook is on the samba-draft repo.  The samba-blender
is now obsolete.  But I left it there so people could experiment.

> 2. I'm unclear about the process of getting changes pulled 
> by the RM into -testing and -stable.  I'm supposed to email the
> RM when a change has been checked in (and presumably tested in
> the build farm), but how do I specify in my email what change
> the RM is supposed to pull from -unstable?

a) create you local unstable branch for your work.
b) pull in changes from the central unstable tree (svn up)
c) push your changes to the shared *-unstable tree

Go read this email:

When you think all your changes for a given feature is baked:

a) create a test tree from v3-2-test and merge your changes
   form your unstable tree.  This will most likely require
   some usage of "git-cherry-pick" and "git-commit --amend"
b) Email samba-technical and request a pull from your test
   tree (or email the patch set).

Think of coding in *-unstable as drafting your paper and patching
it into your *-test tree and the copy your want to turn in.

Also, my guess is that *-unstable will get some comments by people
watching commit emails, but that the request to pull into *-test
is what will receive wider review.  Once there is general consensus
on a pull request from developers, it gets pulled.

> 3. I like to check, shortly before a release, that the 
> changes I've committed have all been applied to the -RELEASE
> branch.  I have typically checked out that branch, reviewed it
> for the appropriate changes, built and tested it, etc.
> With git, I don't see how I'd do that.  Is it still possible?

This will show any commits in your local-feature-branch
not in the v3-2-stable tree:

  $ git log origin/ branch

Also you might want to read this msg about how git history works:

Hope this helps.

cheers, jerry

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