[STATUS 5-Oct] Git migration

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 5 18:04:29 GMT 2007

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Here's a list of what's done and left to be done:

> (0) Work flow HOWTO

Posted and under review.  Currently decided on a single
repo with -unstable, -test, and -stable branches for
each release series.

> (1) Post draft git trees for history review

Done. Commit emails are in place.  need to be tweaked for
everyone's perferences.

> (2) Lockdown svn, perform official migration, and post real
>     git repo

Waiting for agreement on this one.

> (3) Buildfarm integration

Agreed on how to do this.  Some clean up will be
necessary for "recent commits" and other features.

> (4) Viewcvs integration (replacement with gitweb?)

gitweb has all the necessary features that our viewcvs
server had so I suggest we just swap over to gitweb.

Other items currently underway:

* Tags in cvs and svn imports:  You don't get
  tags when you add a repo using git-remote.  Only
  when you clone the repo.  There is one missing tag
  from the svnimport that I need to follow up on.
  The tags in the cvsimport are ok as far as I can
  tell.  I will look into either retagging or find away
  to access the tags in the cvs/svn imports from
  the grafted tree (investigating)

* Cleanup emails addrs in the cvsimport (in pregress)

* Cleanup svn commits msgs with preceding blank lines
  (in pregress)

* Hook scripts to restrict developers to push only
  to the -unstable tree (in pregress)

So once I finish these last 4 items to everyone's satisfaction,
I'm ready to do the official swapover.

cheers, jerry
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