[RFC] Reasonable timeframe to review git repos and workflow?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 5 15:10:32 GMT 2007

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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
>>> - have a fully reconstructed history for all
>>>   svn based tags, so that the CVSIN commits will
>>>   go complete out of the repository.
>> CVSIN is gone in the grafted branches.  Are you looking at the
>> imported the trees?  Or the grafted ones?
> I'm not sure what you mean here...
> But what I mean is 'git log release-3-0-26' shows only svn history
> starting with the CVSIN commits.

Yeah.  And I'm not going to retag everything.  I grafted
the 3-0, 3-2, & 4-0 trees manually from the cvs & svn imports.
So you have history on the real working branches.  But
getting rid of CVSIN for all the tags and misc branches
is too much work for very little return.  A tag IMO is to
mark a version of code at a point in time which the existing
tags do correctly.

Look at the history or v3-2-test or v4-0-unstable and you
will see that CVSIN has been removed.  To do what you are
asking I would literaly have to recreate the SVN commit
sequence using git-cherry pick.

cheers, jerry
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