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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Oct 3 18:12:18 GMT 2007

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Last week, Samba team developers agreed to perform a probationary
migration from svn to git.  The plan to to have a four week period
to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the workflow shift.

The migration will go like this:

(0) Work flow HOWTO
(1) Post draft git trees for history review
(2) Lockdown svn, perform official migration, and post real
    git repo
(3) Buildfarm integration
(4) Viewcvs integration (replacement with gitweb?)

Right now, I'm working on (1) and will have draft repos for 2_2,
3_0, 3_2, and 4_0 by the end of the day which combine
the CVS and SVN histories.  The svn and cvs repositories will
continue to be on-line for comparison.

Next I'll write the HOWTO while people are reviewing the history.

Once every agrees that the migration is accurate, I'll rerun
the imports based on the latest SVN revision.

For the interested, combining CVS and SVN works like this:

(a) create an empty git repo
(b) Use git-remote to add refs to the cvs and svn import
(c) checkout a working branch from the CVS tree.
(d) git-chery-pick all-relevant-svn-commits
(e) Verify resulting tree against current svn checkout.

So far the process works well, removes the CVSIN checkins,
and gives history back to 1996.  The cherry-pick'ing process
sometimes requires manual interaction since git doesn't
track directories and some of the multibranch commits
in SVN cause headaches.  But for the most part, I just baby
sit the migation scripts and intervene when necessary.

cheers, jerry
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