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Howard Chu helpfully wrote up this summary of the meeting we held at the
CIFS Workshop on how Samba4 should work with an LDAP backend.

The background is that Samba4 increasingly needs some things that an
LDAP server could provide for us.  In the short term, we need to add
subtree renames to ldb_tdb, but OpenLDAP's hdb already provides this for

Likewise, we have a desperate need for replication (because any site in
need of Samba4's features will want multiple DCs) - and Fedora DS's
replication seems like a very good, solid answer.  (Sadly it doesn't
give us subtree renames...).  

Another feature we don't yet do schema validation in Samba4, beyond
checking that the objectClass list is valid.  We need to extend that,
but perhaps the LDAP server could do that validation for us?

Finally, in the long term, we would like to have Samba4 play nice in a
multi-use directory, and this presents a schema mapping problem.  We
agreed to get together and try and work out a schema that is compatible
to Microsoft's extensions, without being too painful to see from a
traditional client.  I hope to put together a discussion on this in the
near future. 

I expect we will continue to use and support ldb_tdb as a backend on
Samba4, but for some features (which they will want), users should be
directed to use LDAP as an important backend. 

Andrew Bartlett

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From: Howard Chu <hyc at symas.com>
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Subject: [Fwd: LDAP/Samba 4 summary]
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 10:42:22 -0700

Yesterday afternoon at the CIFS Workshop we had a meeting to discuss Samba 4's use 
of LDAP going forward, and what obstacles remained. Among the attendees that I can 
remember were Andrew Bartlett, Andrew Tridgell, Simo Sorce, Stefan Metzmacher, and 
(one more, I've forgotten the name) from the Samba team. Nicole Jacque and another 
(sorry, don't remember the name) from Apple/OpenDirectory, Pete Rowley from 
FedoraDS, and myself and Marty Heyman for OpenLDAP and Symas.

The upshot is that both the Samba and the LDAP sides have work to do, but there 
are no major roadblocks. LDAP will be Samba 4's default/recommended data store. As 
for OpenLDAP, most of what Samba 4 needs is either already implemented, or in 

Schema design tends to still be a stumbling block; in a separate conversation we 
discussed some design issues in MIT's new Kerberos schema as well as missing 
features in Heimdal's existing Kerberos schema. That's a bit outside this 
openldap-devel scope but I've committed to working with the Samba and Kerberos 
communities to draft some changes to unify these two Kerberos schemas.  

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From: Howard Chu <hyc at symas.com>
To: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>
Subject: LDAP/Samba 4 summary
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 22:41:23 -0700
Missing features / wishlist
           bitwise ops.
             already in OpenLDAP, recently added to FedoraDS(?)
             partially implemented in OpenLDAP, need more complete spec
           LDAP Transaction support
             draft-zelenga-ldap-txn - partially implemented in OpenLDAP
             some concerns because Samba's definition of transaction is
        not the 
        canonical ACID definition. More like ACI, no Durability
        guarantee, doesn't 
        play well with LDAP Multimaster Replication. We all agreed that
        if Samba 
        doesn't care, neither do we. All that matters is that it
        provides tidy, 
        painless rollback in event of intermediate failures.
           Access Controls
             my suggestion re: OpenLDAP - we support modular ACL
        engines, we should 
        just write a module for native NT ACLs in OpenLDAP
           AD schema - we agreed that a new schema is necessary no
        matter how you 
        slice it, we will all collaborate to define a superset of AD
        that everyone can 
           Authentication mechanisms - generally Samba will handle this
           validation - Samba4 + LDAP must pass everything under Samba's
        "make test" 
           Transactions again - we may need things like memberOf and
        other linked 
        attributes to be managed internally in the server. No problem,
        both OpenLDAP 
        and FDS have memberOf plugins already available.
           Subtree renames - MS tools assume subtree renames work.
        Supported in 
        OpenLDAP already (back-hdb, back-ldif, will be in back-tdb).
        Unfortunately not 
        supported in FedoraDS, might be able to kludge it, but it will
        additional mapping layers. And kludging will break base-scope
        referential integrity, etc...
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