Samba share replication with file locks?

Beacher beacher at
Thu Nov 29 17:16:01 GMT 2007

Hello, I have the following situation:

I have 2 samba servers right now. I currently rsync one way from the primary
fileserver to the backup fileserver every half an hour. This keeps a recent
copy of data in case the primary goes down, but I now need more

I will be adding a 3rd server, the same as the above, all 3 servers need to
have the same samba shares on them. I've looked at a couple replication
options, but I'm not sure any of them support when samba locks a file.

My worry is that someone could be working on a file, and someone else could
be working on that same file on one of the other servers. Is there any way
to replicate when a file is locked, so the user will get the warning that
the file is locked?
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