May I ask one question about samba~~!

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Nov 28 16:54:06 GMT 2007

saxon wrote:
> Dear all:
>     hi,everybody,I need a help,would u please give a kindly advise? I have
> to ported the samba 2.0.6 to my board(cpu:mips,os:linux 2.6),and when I
> start it, I found a strange thing: in my host(win xp),click menu start ->
> run, input the command  "\\\usb" to visit my board , it's
> ok. but if input "\\",a warning box poping up,it says: can't
> find the net path.


Version 2.0.6 is very, very old and has not been supported for a long time.
Version 2.2.12 (the last of the 2.x line) was released in 2004.

Regarding the problem you describe above, what do you expect to see if you
connect to a server and provide no share information?  The problem with
\\ is as the error message says.  You have not provided a path
to a valid share.  The UNC format (which is what you are using) requires a
path to a share (or a share and subdirectory).

> what's more in winxp "net neibordhood",I can see the board,but just
> can't doubclick the my host icon to enter.

I would have to see a network trace to see what is actually going wrong, but
my assumption is that it's a simple incompatibility due to the out of date
Samba code you're running, or...

> [usb]
>         comment = share
>         path = /mnt
>         valid users = admin
>         read only = No

Do you have rights to access the share from your XP account?

> thank you very much!


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