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Tue Nov 27 13:47:43 GMT 2007

Jelmer Vernooij пишет:
>> dblatex is broken too. I have it on my Ubuntu 7.10 system and it is
>> no save for us as well, unfortunately. When I tried to use it, it
>> broke more of our code as it lacks couple of templates we use and
>> which were in the original db2latex like generate.hyperlink, set of
>> fasttext processing templates, and latex mapping tables.
> It's diverged a bit from db2latex and so some effort will be required
> to make sure the docs work with it. dblatex has an active community
> though, and using it would avoid the overhead of maintaining a
> Samba-specific db2latex fork.
If fact, the actual patch to db2latex is attached, it differs only in
one line (second chunk) from corresponding Debian's Bug#293989 fixes to
db2latex. Migrating to dblatex will need much more changes because the
whole processing environment is rather different: instead of separate
preprocessing we will have to use their dblatex utility and rewrite much
of setup code to use their new latex-based options instead of current
xslt ones.

It is a bigger work than maintaining db2latex small fixes. What I'd
suggest is to proceed with db2latex and develop port of our
documentation to dblatex later. I'll probably will have more time for
that during January's holidays (10 days of state holidays in Russia).

I'm also attaching small fixes to our XSLT setup to properly utilize
UTF-8 encoding (and setup embedded db2latex) so that PDFLaTeX doesn't
fail with nicely formatted GPLv3 text we have in our documentation.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Samba Team            
ALT Linux Team        
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