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Tue Nov 27 13:37:19 GMT 2007

John H Terpstra пишет:
>> See as sample output of
>> my hacking of db2latex. It has couple of unprocessed references but
>> these are because sometimes you have to run pdflatex more than
>> three times and our Makefile has no simple way to check that. Other
>> than that I see good output.
> Alexander,
> It may be better to change the way we handle the "<screen>" markups.
> Could we perhaps hold the content to the left of the page and add a
> border and shading as we do for the "<example>" markups, but instread
> of moving it to the back of the chapter, keep it in-line?
> I think this will look better than it does now because now screen
> content runs over the right margin.
Ok. I'll put it into the todo list. What I wanted to show that with
simple change to embedded db2latex we can get the same output as before.

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