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Jerry, Karolin,

Gerald (Jerry) Carter пишет:
>> I wish we would support only more or less recent systems. Like one
>> or two stops behind current release of xsltproc commonly used in
>> the distros. This gives us about 1-1.5 year old distributions
>> (counting from regular 6months-based releases most of vendors tend
>> to follow). The notable exception is Debian though.
> I have no problem just stating that we support docs builds on the
> latest rev of openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, & Debian.
> The docs are built daily (except the build is broken and I need to
> fix that) so packagers can simply grab the pre-built docs tarball or
> use one of those four distros.  The docs IMO are not like Samba and
> have to be portable to all platforms.
I'm currently looking into the set of errors with db2latex all
distributions are experiencing and more I dig I think we just need to
have our own copy of db2latex-xsl within samba-docs because some changes
are intrusive into the db2latex's code and can't be easily done through
XSLT's import/replacement strategies. Thus, they require certain changes
from distro vendors point of view which isn't flexible. Therefore,
making a local copy could help in maintenance given that upstream for
db2latex is hardly reachable but software itself works: it is libxslt
which went into more strict XSLT standards compliance that broke db2latex.

Once I'll get that code working again, I think we could import it into
samba-docs and low the bar for distros.
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