Are Domain Local Groups in the PAC?

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Mon Nov 26 20:56:23 GMT 2007


I'm doing some network analysis of Windows 2003 Server and I've
noticed that Domain Local Groups are not in the PAC. Is that right?
All the docs seem to indicate that DLGs should be in the PAC but I've
captured some TGS-REPs for HTTP session tickets and they're not. I see
Global groups but if I add the user I'm testing with to 5 Domain Local
Groups, purge tickets and run the capture again, the size of the
TGS-REPs does not change at all. I've also looked at them decrypted
and SamrRidWithAttributeArray only has 513 which is Domain Users and
Global groups. The EXTRA_SIDS flag is on but it's count is 0.

Where exactly are the Domain Local Groups?


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