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> Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > I would be very happy to see Samba 3.2 move to NTLMv2
> > only, but we should clearly document how to disable it
> > when not supported.  Certainly vendors with much
> > tighter support arrangements with their customers
> > could do so with greater certainty than perhaps we
> > could for upstream Samba.
> Andrew,
> IIRC Samba domain controllers would be fine with this.  What
> Windows servers/DCs would this break?

NTLMv2 auth is supported on NT4 SP4 and 2k onward. If a Samba DC works fine with it, then it's a pretty safe default.

The only trick is that the Samba code uses the same parameter for the client-talking-to-random-server role as it does for the server-talking-to-a-DC role. I think the latter role is safe to default to NTLMv2 at this point, but defaulting all clients would certainly be riskier.


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