[Samba compression][PATCH 0/5] Samba compression

Amin Azez azez at ufomechanic.net
Fri Nov 23 17:15:21 GMT 2007

Message 0/5 seems to be taking a long time to show up, so I post it

This set of patches adds compressed read support to samba as a client
and server.
Read-ahead and caching will follow.

1. I haven't worked out how to use a subcode of TRANS2 so I could with a
hint there.
2. smbcli correctly depends on the compression library but the smb
server doesn't.

I'd like to get rid of Upgrade_Read_Compress in interfaces.h as used by

I think the real answer is to move SMB_READ_GENERIC and smb_read.generic
being the same as SMD_READ_READX and add some of the compressed fields
to smb_read.generic
This way, the generic truly will be generic and it makes the proxy
handling a lot
simpler, especially when read-ahead and caching are added next week.


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