Fwd: Where is the code of choosing link-target?

James Peach jorgar at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 16:45:55 GMT 2007

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Date: 21 Nov 2007 01:35
Subject: Where is the code of choosing link-target?
To: JamesPeach <jorgar at gmail.com>

  I have studied the code of samba ,  wished to find out the code of
choosing the first link-target defaultly .
  Now i think it is the cli_resolve_path() function in clidfs.c ,this
function calls the split_dfs_path( refs[0].dfspath, server, share,
extrapath )
function,so i changed refs[0].dfspath to refs[num_refs-1].dfspath ,
and compiled the samba-code , but the result is there is no change
happened .So i
want to know if i have changed the right code ? If i was wrong please
tell me where is the code that choose the first link-target
and  will choose the next target in the referral list if the first
target is down?
 I appreciate your help!

James Peach | jorgar at gmail.com

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