[PATCH] Add stackframes to public libsmbclient functions

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Nov 19 15:38:43 GMT 2007

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Derrell Lipman wrote:

> In this case, I'm not the original author of the code, so 
> unless I've had reason to change it, I've just maintained
> the original organization of the code.  Even with a single
> entry and exit point, though, I'd still have a hard time
> justifying "magic" inputs to the lower-layer functions.
> Without some strong reason to the contrary, I prefer the
> black-box concept with inputs and outputs well defined by
> parameters and return value.

I understand.  And since I'm not the one working on libsmbclient,
it's certainly not my place to attempt to heavily influence
it's direction.

The talloc_stackframe() is a good idiom in my opion for

(a) removing the short lived tmp_ctx pointers that are needed
    randomly throughout the code.
(b) Allowing a caller to ensure that all short lived temp
    contexts are correctly cleaned up.

But then I've been bitten more than once of using the wrong
talloc_ctx and seeing huge memory blow up.

cheers, jerry
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