PATCH samba cache and read-ahead

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Nov 14 13:57:26 GMT 2007

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Amin Azez schrieb:
> There have been no objections, so I'll take it that there is nothing
> grossly offensive in the caching yet.
> I'm hoping for something of it to make to the alpha after the alpha
> coming up.

Hi Sam,

this all sounds interesting, but it's too much for one patch, sorry.

The diff indicates you're using git, so it would be good to see
the incremental smaller patches and comment on them.

And you need to split the changes into logical chunks.


- - the SMBreadCache has absolutely nothing to do with caching
  it's just a call that uses transport compression for read.
  So the name should be SMBCompressedRead or so. Also we're
  not free to extent the SMB protocol wildly. There's a reserved
  range in the Trans2 sub opcodes, which could be used.

  And this needs to be broken up into a client library,
  torture tests and support in the generic server code.

- - Then you can create a ntvfs module that implements the proxy
  cache a its own module.

I had a lot more comments, but the patch was to large to comment
on all of them.

E.g. something like

#ifdef CACHE or #ifdef COMPRESSION is very, very ugly
as it can easily conflict with system defines and it doesn't
make the meaning obvious.

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