slow reads with smbclient

Rafał Cygnarowski zswi at
Mon Nov 12 13:44:33 GMT 2007


	I write some application witch uses client library from Samba 4 (precisely I 
use TP 5 sources) to connect to Samba 3 server. After some coding I noticed 
that file reading performance is very poor. In the beginning I thought it was 
my fault but I found that file reading performance with smbclient is as poor 
as in my application. It takes about 15 seconds to read 5 MB file. I have no 
problems with reading files from mounted samba resource so it I think it's a 
libcli_smb problem.
	I checked also writing performance and it's seems to be at normal level in 
both cases (mounted resource and smbclient).
	Is it known problem or it's just my case? 
	What should I check/do to track down bug?

Best regards,
Rafał Cygnarowski
rafi at
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