Should find_builtin_domain() really panic on failure?

David Mair dmair at
Fri Nov 9 17:15:33 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> David Mair wrote:
>> Rather than a panic, would it be appropriate for 
>> find_builtin_domain() to just return the NULL to
>> winbindd_gettoken_async() and let it do the same
>> thing as it does when find_domain_from_sid_noinit() 
>> fails, i.e. log a message and:
> If you canot find the builtin winbindd_domain structure
> something is very wrong.  The PANIC is correct here IMO.
> Are you seeing a case where the BUILTIN domain is not available?

Not myself but I have had reported to me many examples of this panic.

Most of the reports are that winbindd is not loaded after the host boots and 
there is a samba core dump indicating the BUILTIN not found panic happened. It 
was also reproduced when winbind was in nsswitch configuration and Apache 
restarted on the host. Remove winbindd from nsswitch and the problem can't be 

The boot time issue might be a race but the Apache induced one doesn't sound 
like it.

What you said about the patch is what worried me about it, not having the 
RPC/lookup fail to return was the thinking behind the patch.

I'll try to reproduce it and diagnose the reason for the BUILTIN domain not 
being in the list.

Thanks for the opinion.

David Mair.

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