need understanding of getpwnam_alloc

Dan Wong dw6881pr at
Fri Nov 9 15:50:48 GMT 2007

Originally I had set winbind enum users=yes and winbind enum groups=yes in
the smb.conf, but this was causing wbinfo -u error lookup problems.

When I set both fields to no, wbinfo -u would list all users correctly.
Afterwards, I still saw intermittent lookup errors.

I'm thinking this might be related to a regression that you mentioned in the
thread "How to ignore trusted domains completely?".

I saw traces of winbind talking to other DCs, while my smb.conf only
points to one local DC.


On 11/8/07, Gerald (Jerry) Carter <jerry at> wrote:
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> Dan Wong wrote:
> > Can someone explain how getpwnam_alloc works?
> Itr's just a getpwnam() call that allocated a struct passwd
> rather than using static memory.
> > My assumption is with winbind authentication, winbind
> > retrieves a user account security data structure(mem_ctx)
> > from the domain controller. This structure is all the
> > info related to the user (windows ACEs,etc).
> >  The getpwnam_alloc just checks if this security data
> > structure belongs to user that is being authenticated.
> The getpwnam() call is to obtain the uid, primary gid and
> other UNIX attributes for the user.
> > Please advise if I'm off track.
> getpwnam() goes through NSS.  Mayke sure that nss_winbind
> is installed and working properly.
> cheers, jerry
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