How to ignore trusted domains completely?

Dmitry Butskoy buc at
Fri Nov 9 13:20:52 GMT 2007

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
>> I would like to ignore these domains for some reasons:
>> - Their DCs are very far geographically, the network channels for them
>> is too low, or even not reachable at all (from our Samba hosts exactly).
> ...
>> (I am aware of "winbind enum", and don't want to disable this...)
> Understood.  We still should ignore trusted domains if you tell
> us to.  So enumeration is not the root cause.
> Looking at the code, it appears that disabling trusted domains
> regressed.  Not sure when.

The attached patch solves this issue for me. ALl is just excellent if I 
never call "rescan_trusted_domains()"...

I'm not sure whether it is a good design (it seems that "allow trusted 
domains" was initially for DC only). But anyway, the way how to solve 
the issue is clear.


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