Uniquely identify a windows server using just SMB/NetBIOS..

Jeffrey Morris jmorris at kazeon.com
Thu Nov 8 01:07:14 GMT 2007

Hi All:

I'm trying to determine a way to uniquely identify a windows server,  
using only SMB/NetBIOS. I don't want to install an agent on the  
server, so
I'm limited to just the information that can be gleaned via SMB/ 
NetBIOS. (Yes, SNMP would be a nice method as well, but that also  
requires some installation and setup on the client.)

My current thinking is that using the NetBIOS Name + Workgroup/Domain  
should be unique almost all of the time, except only under
extreme circumstances. (Adding in the MAC address might be helpful,  
also, if it is available, but if a server has multiple NICs and is  
the same name on all of them.... ) (A quick example of a multi-NIC  
machine would be a laptop with active wired and wireless NICs. )

Perhaps there is something in the "registry" that I could use  
smbclient to retrieve???

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Jeffrey Morris

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