socket support (bind) broken on solaris (by sockaddr_storage changes?)

Jeremy Allison jra at
Thu Nov 1 23:55:23 GMT 2007

On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 12:08:18AM +0100, Michael Adam wrote:

> I am attaching output of "truss sbin/nmbd -i -F -S".

Thanks. I'm guessing the output from interpret_string_addr
of is coming back with an invalid struct, which
means getaddrinfo() is coming back with an invalid
struct addrinfo * value. We might need to massage
the value returned here inside interpret_string_addr()
for Solaris.

> I will check tomorrow. For the time being, do you have
> any hint as to what t check/alter?

I need to see this under gdb to look inside the
structs returned.


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