[PATCH] 1/3: (revamped) Introduce new path variables to prepare for better FHS respect

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Nov 1 16:53:55 GMT 2007

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Christian Perrier wrote:

> The point is adding:
> - a path for non discardable state data: basically all TDB files
>   that may need to be backed up
> - a path for shared data: mostly codepage stuff
> - a path for cache data to host files such as
>   browse.dat, printers.tbd, <printer>.tdb
> All these are currently mixed in "libdir" (${prefix}/lib/samba by
> default).
> The patch keeps these new paths to point to ${prefix}/lib/samba by
> default and does therefore not change the software behaviour.
> This patch is indeed a split of a "fhs.patch" we use for years in
> Debian to place data in directories that fit the Debian policy (indeed
> the FHS).
> Used alone, it just adds unused variables...so it can safely be used
> in sources without any behaviour change and no impact on Samba
> developers work.

+1 on this patch.  Any objections?  If not, I'll push it tonight.

cheers, jerry
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